Discover Tranquility and Tradition at the Heart of Tunis.

Explore a Serene Sanctuary of History and Spirituality

Step into an oasis of tranquility and historical grandeur at this majestic place of worship, the oldest of its kind in the region. Renowned for its beautiful architecture and enduring heritage, visitors can immerse themselves in a peaceful atmosphere, enriched by stunning Islamic calligraphy and the resonant calls to prayer. Perfect for those seeking contemplation or wishing to explore the tapestry of cultural influences that shaped this remarkable site. Nestled next to the bustling traditional market, it offers a harmonious blend of spiritual calm and vibrant local life.


Guided Tours Embark on a journey through history with our expert-led guided tours. Discover the architectural marvels, intricate designs, and rich past of the mosque with engaging narratives and insights.
Islamic Education Engage in Islamic studies and scholarship at one of the oldest Islamic universities. Whether you seek to learn Arabic, study the Quran, or immerse yourself in theological discussions, our courses are open to all.
Prayer Services Join us for the five daily prayers in an atmosphere of peace and spirituality. Experience the tranquility and communal worship at one of North Africa's most significant places of prayer.
Cultural Workshops Participate in workshops that celebrate the mosque's cultural heritage. From calligraphy to religious history, our workshops provide a hands-on approach to learning about Islamic art and culture.

Community Feedback: What They’re Saying About Us

Mustafa El-Tayeb Continue reading
Muzzy Mahmood Masahallah, stunning Mosque, not too busy, the Azan and recitation my the Imam was stunning. Very very peaceful. It is open about 30mins before prayer times.
Eduardo Cacere Continue reading
Hamza Mekki Continue reading

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